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About Us

We are a husband and wife team that opened fig in the spring of 2005. We wanted to open a place that reflects the food we have sampled through our many journeys through this world. We wanted a place where you would always feel welcome, a place that is familiar, a place that feels like home. We modeled fig after our favorite type of restaurant—the bistro. A small ever changing menu, affordable wine, and delicious yet unpretentious food. We also want to be the kind of place where people in our industry want to go on their day off.

We have been through changes, have grown a bit, learned some lessons, and are figuring out how to survive through a pandemic, but we hold the same core values—treating our staff like family, attention to detail, food we believe in and guests that we cherish.

Welcome to our home. 

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can be purchased by calling the restaurant at 828.277.0889. We are happy to mail anywhere and accept special requests for the recipient.

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